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Welcome to, helping you discover the joys of learning Italian!

Come and join the millions of people who speak Italian ... in Italy and around the world. Choose lessons to match your level, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Learn vocabulary for greetings in the piazza, conversing with your seatmate on a train, and ordering a primo piatto at a ristorante in your neighborhood!

We offer the easiest way to learn Italian ... for oggi, domani, e sempre! To begin, enjoy the 8 pages of LEARN ITALIAN lesson 1 at left.

LESSON 1 "Greetings in the Piazza" LESSON 2 "What do you See" LESSON 3 "Meeting on the Train" LESSON 4 "Asking Directions" LESSON 5 "At the Hotel" LESSON 6 "There are Animals in my Room!"


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